Advanced Legal Aspects for Patent Information Specialists - APIC Module 4

Instructor: Bart van Wezenbeek
6 April 2017 (1 day)
Class schedule
9:30 - 17:00 hrs
€ 595,- (all incl.)
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Start date
6 April 2017
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Advanced Legal Aspects for Patent Information Specialists

Advanced Patent Information Course Module 4

Bart van Wezenbeek



Novelty and inventive are the two main criteria for patentability. Although the concept of novelty seems simple and unambiguous, many aspects play a role. In the present course especially attention will be directed to priority rights, earlier filed but not yet published patent applications (i.e. prior rights), internet publications, and the difference in novelty between US and Europe.



With respect to inventive step, the problem-solution approach as used by the EPO will be central, with a comparison to the US practice after KSR. Further, attention will be given to interpretation of the claims with respect to novelty and inventive step.